COVID-19 Self Assessment Tool –

The coronavirus has changed how we work, play and learn.

How are you dealing with these sudden and dramatic changes to how we live?

There is so much confusion and anxiety about who’s more at risk for coronavirus. I read these questions in The New York Times:

What if you do have some of the symptoms? Like a cough and sore throat? No fever. No runny nose. Do you go to a doctor?

Can I have the coronavirus if I am having high fever but no cough and no sore throat ?

If I test positive for the flu, does that mean I don’t have coronavirus?

I have the dry cough and sore throat. Are there chances to have the coronavirus ?

Last few days, I was doing research with a group of expert doctors to understand that how we can help the society to reduce the confusion and panic of COVID-19. We came up with a solution that calls COVID-19 Self Assessment Tool that allows us to self-assess our risk of contracting the coronavirus (COVID-19), thus helping decision-making easier such as whether to seek professional medical advice or not.

I just want to make a contribution to help our society in this pandemic situation. I am hoping that we should take a step forward to help our society in any manner we can. There is no important thing than HUMAN LIFE.

Be safe !