Delhi is not far, think twice!

Our World is so beautiful that you can’t even image of of it’s winsome. It used to be far better in ancient time. Now, It’s good but we as human are not caring our Beautiful nature for our short-term self-interest.

If you living in Delhi, and watch towards sky, I am sure you rarely can watch the stars.

I am very luck that I am part of the India’s cleanest city “Indore“. still, It seems we are almost careless about the environment . The other cities are even horrible and almost no city is actually caring most the green environment.

Worst part of this problem is, We think – this problem is not related with ME and YOU or anyone individually in the world and One person or One City can’t solve this problem in one go.

But think about the day, when our new generation will not be able to breath freely in the open air? Delhi has some experience of such environment. Last month I was there and I saw this picture in Day time. I can easily imagine what is the future of this climate?

Now a days, Every year this is happening around Delhi, and we see in the news and claim it’s because of Pralali and construction and that will be fine after rain. The government also ban on Parali, Construction and get some relief by using Even / Odd transportation.

Do you know what they actually do? They do it temporary for breathing normally also they close schools so less people gets affected by pollution. Is it a solution? No. This is just a care.

How does Delhi solve it’s issue?

So actually, while Delhi make temporary solution from their pollution. Air from surround places flow back to the city and visibility gets quite better. Pollution doesn’t removed but scattered. and Delhi run back on track for few more days.

Delhi is not so far

What if all the cities will have the same problem? Then Air from surround place will also have same pollution and temporary solution will not work. and then clean air, green world will be the past.

What if your city is not polluted and you won’t raise your voice.

Then also, Air is air, it flows from one place to anther, you will also be this world where (almost) everyone is directly or indirectly polluting the world but not thinking to care.

If you think you are not, then think twice.

Drive vehicle, Using factory goods, using wooden parts of your home/ offices and many more things pollute the world in some manner. Solution is only growing trees around and do less pollution and raising your voice to do the same by the rest of the world. again, It’s not a one man job but you as individual can play your role and guide others too will be okay.

Let’s pray and trying doing something for better world for future generation.

Have a Happy Environment.

Blog courtesy: Manish Shrivastava